Saltwater Studio

I am currently working from a beautiful, bright space in Cladach, on the Isle of Arran. I share the space with another artist, Katie Litton. Our response to island life is very different and yet complimentary. I always seem to be looking outwards – towards the sea – whereas Katie likes to look closely inwards, delving into the hidden depths of island foliage. We are taking part in the Arran Art Trail, which runs throughout the year and enables art lovers to visit working studios across the island.

It is a bright, airy space, which we renovated last year. It is such a pleasure to properly stand back from larger works in progress and to finally be able to raise my easels to full height without bashing the ceiling!

My younger sister, who is a very talented photographer, made a wee studio video whilst she was here on holiday. You can check out some of my favourite paint brands and colours – usually series 5 or 6, as I seem to have expensive taste! I only ever use high quality artist oils to protect the longevity of your investment and to ensure maximum light fastness. I use varying brands for different colours as they all have slight differences and I have grown to love certain ones.

If you are ever visiting Arran, you are very welcome to pop in and say hello. More information here.